Humeralis Piranha (Serrasalmus Humeralis)

Scientific Name:
Serrasalmus Humeralis

Common Names:
Humeralis Piranha, Black Ear Piranha, Yellow Tiger Piranha.

South America: Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana.

Maximum Size:
Serrasalmus Humeralis can grow to a size of 20" (one of the Largest Piranhas)

Body Characteristics:

Distinctive/unique features:

  • Clearly visible humeral spot.
  • V-shaped claudal fin.
  • Concave head shape.
  • Red or Orange throat
  • Tiger striped on the body.

The aquarium needs to be decorated with plants, (drift)wood and rocks to provide hiding places for this often somewhat shy and skittish fish (especially during the first weeks/months). But an open area to swim should also be offered. A powerhead can be used to add a little extra water currents, to mimic its natural habitat.

Compatible Species:
None. Because of its fin-nipping habit and intolerance towards other tank mates, this species should be kept alone in a species tank. In some rare cases, a Pleco, Raphael Catfish or other heavily armed catfish worked out.

Fish (fillets, frozen fish and live feeders)

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